Our Product Suppliers

In order for us to provide our clients with the best possible monthly premium we source quotes from a wide variety of product suppliers. These product suppliers include insurers and underwriting managers.

Some of our product suppliers include:

- Insurance Companies
- Santam
- Mutual & Federal
- Regent
- Hollard
- King Price
- Oakhurst
- Genric

Underwriting Managers
- Brolink
- Hybrid
- Thatch Risk

Disclosure Notice
Important information for all our clients
Every effort is made to ensure you fully understand the insurance product and the organisations involved in delivering the service to you.

If at any time you feel we have not provided you with information required, please ask us and we will gladly provide you with such information.

Financial Service Provider
This is your insurance broker, who is sometimes referred to as an Intermediary.

Underwriting Managers
They are appointed by an Insurer to provide and manage specific insurance products on their behalf. The underwriting managers are responsible for the administration and portfolio management for the insurer.

Some of these duties may also be outsourced to authorised brokers.

Product Supplier
The Product Suppliers can be either insurers or underwriting managers on behalf of insurers. Some of the Underwriting Managers may be owned or partly owned by the insurers.

Distribution Channel
These are arrangements with any of the above or combination of these that provides support or services to us in our role of providing a financial service to you.

Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS)
This legislation was introduced to ensure there are minimum standards set within the Financial Services Sector, to ensure you receive the highest possible level of service and protection. It governs, amongst other things, the following:

1) The financial stability of the Financial Service Provider.
2) The honesty and integrity of the Financial Services Provider.
3) The ability of the Financial Services Provider to look after the client.
4) The format qualifications required by the representatives of any Financial Services Provider who give you advice.
5) The methods and technical content of the advice given to you.
6) The need for such Financial Service Provider to be licensed before they can give you advice or perform an intermediary service.
7) Standards for dealing with any complaint that you may have.
8) Penalties for breaches of any of the regulations required in terms of the Act.

Compliance Officer
Compliance Officers ensure that the Financial Service Providers meet all provisions in terms of the Act.

Policy Holder Protection Rules
These rules are to be adhered to by product suppliers or FSP's when dealing with clients purchasing insurance products. Where applicable, these rules will be referred to in your policy document.


The independent body created to further protect the client and deal with any disputes between Insurers and clients.

There are currently two such Ombuds:
1) The Short Term Insurance Ombudsman deals with disputes on personal insurance matters e.g. your personal motor or household insurances.
2) The FAIS Ombudsman deals with all disputes for all types of clients that arise out of the provision of advice as dealt with by the FAIS Act.

Financial Services Board (FSB)

The FSB, also referred to as the Regulator, is the Government of South Africa's financial regulatory agency, responsible for the non-banking financial services industry. It is an independent body that supervises and regulates the financial services industry in the public interest.


NIC has been registered as a short term insurance broker in 1993 (CK1993/025698/23).

NIC has been approved as a Financial Service Provider by the Financial Services Board on 01 October 2004 ( FSP 14115) and is licensed to carry on business in respect of financial advisory services as well as financial intermediary services in respect of short term insurance (personal lines as well as commercial).

Adv. Daniel Opperman from National Compliance Company is our compliance officer Practice Number 1307

NIC is a member of the Insurance Brokers Council and South African Financial Services and International Association.